Everything Wrong With Bellator 200, GLORY 54 and UK Media Coverage | Andreas Georgiou and K1ANOOP

May 22, 2018

British sports journalist, Andreas Georgiou joins Anoop Hothi on this episode of The K1ANOOP Show as they dig into: Everything Wrong With Bellator 200, GLORY 54 and UK Media Coverage; and more, leading up-to both Bellator 200 London and GLORY 54 Birmingham; previewing both major Kickboxing and MMA events and…[Show notes are further below].

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Show Notes – The K1ANOOP Show with Andreas Georgiou:

1:05 – Will Aaron Chalmers “get found out” against Ash Griffiths?

17:52 – The problem for independent sports media giving predictions

20:40 – Why Bellator 200 “has come under fire”

31:37 – What does everyone in UK combat sports (MMA, Kickboxing etc) need to do more of?

49:45 – How much value do the likes of Cro Cop and Roy Nelson add to Bellator 200 London?

56:34 – Who is the bigger UK star: Darren Till or Michael Bisping?

59:33 – Why Bellator London isn’t selling out like UFC Liverpool

1:02:24 – Michael ‘Venom’ Page vs Paul Daley update

1:04:14 – Why the struggle is real for Andreas Georgiou and K1ANOOP as small YouTubers and podcasters in Kickboxing and MMA

1:21:06 – The impact of Aerial Helwani‘s big move to ESPN from MMA Fighting/Vox Media

1:38:19 – Why the media story-telling about combat sports and fighters is of the essence

1:51:47 – GLORY 54 Birmingham preview, Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch and both GLORY Kickboxing & Enfusion returning to the UK.


Evan Jays: 18 year old ‘Boy Wonder’ of UK Muay Thai, GLORY 53 & 54, MTGP 16

May 9, 2018

The 'Boy Wonder' of UK Muay Thai, 18 year old Evan Jays and K1ANOOP catch-up following Evan's Lion Fight debut loss against, Ricardo Mixco in the USA at Lion Fight 42; and look ahead at what's next come Muay Thai Grand Prix 16 (MTGP 16) in July and preview GLORY 53 Lille: Sitthichai vs Tyjani Beztati and Cedric Doumbe vs Thongchai.

Evan Jays and K1ANOOP also dig deeper into the significance of GLORY Kickboxing's upcoming return to the UK at GLORY 54 Birmingham, after 5 years since GLORY 5 London; and the wealth of British Kickboxing and Muay Thai talent readily available to GLORY to capitalise on.

Also, Evan Jays explains why he believes fellow Double K Gym team-mate and former MTGP world champion, Charlie Peters, beats Yokkao world champion, Liam Harrison at MTGP 16 and much more.

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The K1Anoop Show is produced by, Anoop Hothi for K1ANOOP.


Azize Hlali on Charlie Peters, UK vs World Muay Thai & Confident of Becoming a Legend via Phoenix

November 16, 2017

French-Moroccan fighter, Azize Hlali intended to KO Charlie BOY' Peters when they both clashed at Phoenix Fighting Championship 3 tonight; and (despite losing the decision) is confident of becoming a Muay Thai legend in years to come. Hlali weighs-in on just how good UK Muay Thai is compared to the rest of the world and how he believes he can cement his legacy with Phoenix and much more. Phoenix CEO, Chahe Yerevanian, translates the Q&A's. 

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Cyborg Santos & Saulo Cavalari on Gökhan Saki, MMA & GLORY Kickboxing

November 16, 2017

Former GLORY Kickboxing champion Saulo Cavalari & MMA legend 'CYBORG' aka. Evangelista Santos discuss:
- Cyborg is now coaching Saulo
- Cavalari's MMA debut (the night before) at Phoenix Fighting Championship 3
- Saulo willing to fight Gökhan Saki 'anytime, any place' in MMA & Kickboxing
- And, Cyborg is planning to fight again in 2018!!👀🔥

The K1Anoop Show delivers greater insight into world kickboxing & much more.

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Anissa Haddaoui on Fighting Antonina Shevchenko, Women’s MMA & Kickboxing

September 18, 2017

Anissa Haddaoui is the current Kunlun Fight & WFL world champion and is set to fight Antonina Shevchenko in what will be the (joint) second MMA fight for both female fighters at, Phoenix Fighting Championship 3 in London on September 22, 2017.

Haddaoui is a late replacement for Shevchenko after Kerry Hughes pulled-out for undisclosed reasons (at the time). Antonina Shevchenko is the 2017 WMC & Phoenix FC world Muay Thai champion and the older sister of UFC fighter, Valentina Shevchenko.

0:25 Anissa Haddaoui vs. Antonina Shevchenko at Phoenix FC 3, London
3:27 Managing MMA/BJJ training around kickboxing fights in recent years
7:19 Gökhan Saki's influence from kickboxing to MMA
10:26 Why MMA and what's in it for Haddaoui?
14:00 The mental side of fighting
17:20 Female fighters in Dutch Kickboxing & MMA
23:30 How women's MMA & kickboxing should be better developed
27:55 The growing interest in Dutch Kickboxing & MMA in Holland
29:30 How Anissa makes fighting a viable career
34:57 Everyone's in "fight mode" at Mike's Gym with Melvin Manhoef, Massaro Glunder & Yousri Belgaroui fighting soon
36:21 Badr Hari's influence in training
39:00 MMA sparring & BJJ/Grappling at Mike's Gym

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The Resurgence of Dutch Kickboxing: GLORY vs. Enfusion?

September 16, 2017

On this episode of The K1Anoop Show, we analyse the rapid resurgence of Dutch Kickboxing, both domestically and globally with, Dutch sports journalist and radio presenter, Kris Dekker. As well as some of the biggest scandals & controversies in kickboxing including, Enfusion's contempt for Mohammed Jaraya's 2 year ban from kickboxing and much more:

4:56 How Kris Dekker became a MMA & Kickboxing journalist
11:02 From K-1 to GLORY Kickboxing and mainstream attention for kickboxing via Ziggo Sport
18:12 Remy Bonjasky & are kickboxers relevant in the Netherlands?
24:37 How kickboxing was unofficially banned for 5 years in Amsterdam before GLORY 26
31:22 The lack of professionalism in kickboxing
35:07 Murthel Groenhart, the K-1 non-payment scandals & ring invasion at GLORY 42 Paris
39:53 "Nobody knows" Enfusion even when Mohammed Jaraya attacked the FOG official
45:21 Why marketing is an epic fail for kickboxing promotions
51:01 The problem(s) with Enfusion formerly Enfusion Live
58:56 Jarayagate - Why Mohammed Jaraya was suspended from kickboxing for 2 years and the full extent of the controversy (attacking a judge at, Enfusion Live 49: Mohammed Jaraya vs Redouan Laarkoubi​), FOG investigation & Enfusion's contempt for the suspension

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Andrew Tate Mocks Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & Transgenders

September 12, 2017

Andrew Tate is a multiple world kickboxing champion who, has recently been (and still is) making controversial comments on social media about: depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mocking transgenders.

Tate is no stranger to controversy especially for tweeting his strong opinions on Twitter; and on this occasion, not only was he reported by national news outlets (again); he also received mass condemnation (and surprising support) for offending countless people about sexual/gender identity and mental health issues which, we cover on this episode of, The K1Anoop Show.

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Tyjani Beztati: Fashion, Modelling and GLORY Kickboxing | The K1Anoop Show

September 4, 2017

Tyjani Beztati is a 19 year old Dutch lightweight kickboxer and was the youngest fighter to fight for GLORY Kickboxing on his first three main card outings for the world’s leading kickboxing promotion. Beztati is of both Moroccan and Surinamese descent but was born and grew up in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam

“The Wonderboy” trains out of Weerbaarheids Academie The Colosseum (also known as The Colosseum Gym) in Utrecht, Holland and recounts how his journey in kickboxing started by accident due to his sister who, was kickboxing before him. As well as his experiences and more including, training at Pancration and Vos Gym with the likes of, Mohammed Khamal.

Beztati will take on Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai at GLORY 45 Amsterdam on September 30, 2017 and spoke in-depth about his kickboxing career so far, his long term goals, his life and passions for fashion away from the sport; and why he’s widely considered as one of the most exciting prospects in world kickboxing.


Martijn de Jong on Golden Glory, Dutch Kickboxing & MMA, GLORY Kickboxing & Gökhan Saki’s UFC debut

August 30, 2017

Martijn de Jong is a former Dutch MMA fighter who, would become one of the pioneers of Dutch kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Over the decades, Martijn was heavily involved with the legendary Golden Glory Gym; and, was one of the original co-founders of, GLORY Kickboxing.

Now head coach of Tatsujin MMA with gyms in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Malaysia, de Jong is now managing and coaching various international fighters in major promotions such as: ONE Championship and the UFC.

Former GLORY Kickboxing light-heavyweight champion, Gökhan Saki, is currently managed by, Martijn de Jong who, orchestrated Saki signing for the UFC earlier this year; and is set to make his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night Japan on September 23, 2017.

Saki is one of many legendary fighters including the likes of: Alistair Overeem, Valentijn Overeem and former women's Strikeforce champion, Marloes Coenen that have all been coached, and or, managed by, Martijn de Jong during their careers, or, whilst fighting out of Golden Glory in the Netherlands.

On this episode of The K1Anoop Show with Martijn de Jong, we cover some of the historic moments in the sport of MMA and kickboxing involving, the above named fighters. As well as the past, present and future of GLORY Kickboxing, Gokhan Saki's forthcoming UFC debut and de Jong's vast knowledge and experiences in the world of combat sports and martial arts.

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Dean James on Fighting Cancer & Teaching Children with Emotional, Behavioural & Mental Health Issues

August 26, 2017

Dean James​ is a 33 year old British Muay Thai fighter and multiple world champion with titles including: the ISKA Bantamweight, WMA (MAD) and WRSA world championships.

James had remarkably overcome colon cancer in his early adulthood and had found Muay Thai during that incredibly tough time in his life which, helped him with fighting cancer and the overall recovery process.

Over the years, Dean has become not only one of the best UK Muay Thai fighters, he's also developed a career as a teacher for children with, Behavioural Emotional Social Difficulties (BESD), autism and other mental health issues.

On this episode of The K1Anoop Show, Dean James talks about all of the above and much more from his incredible life experiences, in and especially out of, the sport and more.

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